SVE Licencna izdanja Domaća izdanja Sony
1.Rihanna/Unapologetic(2012) 2.Madonna/MDNA(2012) 3.Britney Speares/Femme fatale(2011)

Akcija:3cd Rihanna/Madonna/Britney Spears mpc=1449 din

1.Robbie Williams/Take the crown(2012) 2.Olly murs/Never been better (2014) 3.Maverick Sabre/Lonely are the brave(2012)

Akcija:3cd Robbie Williams/Olly Murs/Maverick Sabre mpc=1449 din

1.Depeche Mode/Delta Machine(digipack,2013) 2.Mike Posner/31 Minutes To Take Off(2010) 3.Miike Snow/Happy To You(2012)

Akcija:3cd Depeche mode/Mike Posner/Miike Snow MPC =1399 din

1.Gossip/A Joyful Noise(2012) 2.The Cranberries/Roses(2012) 3.Skunk Anansie/Wonderlustre(2010)

Akcija:3cd Gossip/Cranberries/Skunk Anansie mpc=1449 din

1.Ozzy Osbourne/Scream(2010) 2.Van halen/A Different kind of truth (2012) 3.Apocalyptica/7th Symphony(2010)

Akcija:3cd OzzyOsbourne/VanHalen/Apocalyptica mpc=1449 din

1.Foo Fighters/Sonic Highways(2014) 2.Springsteen Bruce/Wrecking Ball(2012) 3.Willie Nelson/Heroes(2012)

Akcija: 3cd Foo Fighters/Bruce Springsteen/Willie Nelson mpc=1449 din

1.Shakira/The sun comes out(2010) 2.Kesha/I am dance commander(2010) 3.Pitbull/Glabalization(2014)

Akcija:3cd Shakira/Kesha/Pitbull mpc=1449 din

1.Kesha/Warrior(2012) 2.Kelly Clarkson/Stronger (2011) 3.Christina Aguilera/Bionic(2010)

Akcija :3cd Kesha/Kelly Clarkson/Aguilera Christina mpc=1399 din

1.The Vaccines/Come Of Age(2012) 2.The Beady Eye/Different Gear, Still Speeding (2011) 3.Ting Tings/Sounds From Nowheresville(2012)

Akcija:3cd The Beady Eye/The Vaccines/The Ting tings mpc=1399 din

1.The Stokes/Agels(2011) 2.The Hives/Lex Hives (2011) 3.Incubus/When If Not Now(2011)

Akcija:3cd The Stokes/Hives/Incubus(svi iz 2011) mpc=1399 din

Tyler,The Creator ‎

Wolf(2LP+cd) mpc=4199

Meghan Trainor ‎

Treat Myself/cd/ mpc=1999 din

Louis Tomlinson ‎

Walls/cd/ mpc=1999 din

Cubismo & Jazz Orkestar HRT-a

Tumbao(cd) mpc:1699 din