Sly & The Family Stone ‎

Original Album Classics(5cd) mpc:1899 din

Sly & The Family Stone ‎– Original Album Classics(5cd) mpc:1899 din
barcode: 0886977708022



A Whole New Thing
1.1 Underdog
1.2 If This Room Could Talk
1.3 Run, Run, Run
1.4 Turn Me Loose
1.5 Let Me Hear It From You
1.6 Advice
1.7 I Cannot Make It
1.8 Trip To Your Heart
1.9 I Hate To Love Her
1.10 Bad Risk
1.11 That Kind Of Person
1.12 Dog
1.13 Underdog (Single Version)
1.14 Let Me Hear It From You (Single Version Mono)
1.15 Only One Way Out Of This Mess
1.16 What Would I Do
1.17 You Better Help Yourself (Instrumental)
Dance To The Music
2.1 Dance To The Music
2.2 Higher
2.3 I Ain't Got Nobody (For Real)
Dance To The Medley:
2.4a Music Is Alive
2.4b Dance In
2.4c Music Lover
2.5 Ride The Rhythm
2.6 Color Me True
2.7 Are You Ready
2.8 Don't Burn Baby
2.9 Never Will I Fall In Love Again
2.10 Dance To The Music (Single Version)
2.11 Higher (Single Version)
2.12 Soul Clappin'
2.13 We Love All
2.14 I Can't Turn You Loose
2.15 Never Do Your Woman Wrong (Instrumental)
3.1 Dynamite!
3.2 Chicken
3.3 Plastic Jim
3.4 Fun
3.5 Into My Own Thing
3.6 Harmony
3.7 Life
3.8 Love City
3.9 I'm An Animal
3.10 M'Lady
3.11 Jane Is A Groupee
3.12 Dynamite! (Single Version)
3.13 Seven More Days
3.14 Pressure
3.15 Sorrow (Instrumental)
4.1 Stand!
4.2 Don't Call Me N*gger, Whitey
4.3 I Want To Take You Higher
4.4 Somebody's Watching You
4.5 Sing A Simple Song
4.6 Everyday People
4.7 Sex Machine
4.8 You Can Make It If You Try
4.9 Stand! (Single Version)
4.10 I Want To Take You Higher (Single Version)
4.11 You Can Make It If You Try (Single Version)
4.12 Soul Clappin' II
4.13 My Brain (Zig-Zag) (Instrumental)
There's A Riot Going On
5.1 Luv N' Haight
5.2 Just Like A Baby
5.3 Poet
5.4 Family Affair
5.5 Africa Talks To You ("The Asphalt Jungle")
5.6 There's A Riot Goin' On
5.7 Brave & Strong
5.8 (You Caught Me) Smilin'
5.9 Time
5.10 Spaced Cowboy
5.11 Runnin' Away
5.12 Thank You For Talkin' To Me, Africa
5.13 Runnin' Away (Single Version)
5.14 My Gorilla Is My Butler (Instrumental)
5.15 Do You Know What? (Instrumental)
5.16 That's Pretty Clean (Instrumental)

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